New Hiscores Leaderboards

April 12, 2024

The plugin now submits HiScores data from the following leaderboards.

These HiScores can be shown in the HiScores panel on your profile, by selecting the game mode in the dropdown. They will only be shown if your account is included in those leaderboards.

Technical Overhaul

April 8, 2024


  • Level number on skills at the minimum level are now red. Intended to make pures stand out more.

Collection Log

  • Items now show KC for all places where it can be obtained when hovering.


  • Added a fallback icon for HiScores activities. Which can be hovered to display the name of the activity. For cases where the icon has not been added yet. Please report any missing icons!
  • Reworked the Game Mode selector in the HiScores panel.
  • The currently selected Game Mode is now reflected in the URL, so it can be shared as a link.
  • The dropdown will only show Game Modes that apply to the account.
  • Activities where there is no score or rank, is now marked with dashes and a red color.
  • Rank 1 and 200M are new marked with a green color.


A bunch of technical changes have been made to support future features. This means you might experience some issues that previously didn't occur. So if you experience a reoccurring issue, I would really appreciate if you would send a message through the feedback button or in the Discord.

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Updated Wilderness Bosses

January 26, 2023

The Wilderness Boss Rework changed the names of the Collection Log pages of the wilderness bosses (Callisto, Venenatis and Vet'ion). This required some manual work on the stored profile data.

The data from the old pages should now be moved to the new ones. This includes kill counts and the kill counts which the items were obtained at. The data should be moved automatically.

If you dont see the page on your profile, try opening the page in-game and then updating your profile. If there is any issues you can send feedback or contact me on Discord, found at the bottom of the site.